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Summary: April 2024

Summary: April 2024
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Snapshots: Rosie and the Dragonaires
I was sitting in the cafeteria minding my own business—which probably meant keeping my head down, eating my cheese sandwich, and planning my exit strategy. I had no idea what was about to happen.
SLR Devotional: Going Through the Motions
Scripture-Lyric-Reflection (SLR) Devotional

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SQR Devotional: Heart Before Mind
The image of the shepherd in Psalm 23 elicits and emotional response that draws us closer to the Lord.
Journey Through Scripture: Bible: Genesis: Image of God
I’m excited to offer this third episode of “Journey Through Scripture” based on Genesis 1:27. This is part three of a three-episode series.
Telling a Better Story
Telling a Better Story: How to Talk About God in a Skeptical Age Joshua D. Chatraw I’m in the process of compiling some of the key quotes from this book below. This is a work in process, so I’ll keep adding to this. Invitation, not opposition This book is about

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Steve’s Journal for 4/8/2024
Who am I?
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  • Inspiring photographic artwork – free digital artwork for download and customization for Family, Inner Circle, and Above and Beyond memberships.
  • Delving into Genesis – I look forward to continuing my slow walk through Genesis 1 and begin moving toward putting it in book form.
  • Meaningful Interactions and Missional Perspectives – a series of messages based on my presentation at the 2024 Wesley Center Conference.
  • Journey Through Scripture – I look forward to continuing my journey through Scripture...and more.

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