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Eighteen Reasons to Become a Paid Member

Eighteen Reasons to Become a Paid Member
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  1. Reading Do Everything In Love is healthier than caffeine or sugar.
  2. Full access to all regular posts, articles, podcasts, and more!
  3. Help Do Everything In Love grow, expand, and purchase equipment as needed.
  4. Free memberships for your family and friends!
  5. Ponder the deep questions of life, like "Does pineapple belong on pizza?"
  6. Discounts on all kinds of stuff – books, photos, and more!
  7. Go deeper...grow stronger...love better...
  8. Exclusive access to "Steve's Journal."
  9. Discover the theological significance of why some people always find parking spots while others circle the lot endlessly. Is it divine intervention or just good luck?
  10. Snicker at my spelling and grammatical mistakes...but please be kind...hahaha!
  11. You don't want me to cry, do you? (I'm kidding...really...I'm fine)
  12. Free and discounted photographic artwork!
  13. Increase my per-hour income from Do Everything In Love to above $3.19/hour.
  14. I have a child in college...and another starting eleven years from now.
  15. Be among those who can say, "I was one of the first to read that article!!!"
  16. Unexpected stuff happens, right?
  17. I'm filling my piggy bank so I can do something nice for my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary in December 2025.
  18. Because...why not?