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Summary: May 2024

Summary: May 2024
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Subscriber Update:
290 total subscribers (4% growth over 90 days)
21 paid subscribers (16% growth over 90 days)
67% engagement over past 90 days

New: Audio and Video Version of "I Called, You Answered"

And now for our May 2024 summary of articles:

Where Does My Help Come From? (SLRP Devo)
Mountains are symbols of strength and stability, images of the God we worship and serve. Strong and stable, it is God who keeps us both day and night, when we come and when we go.
Books That Have Changed Lives (Part 1)
Are you looking for your next good read?
I Called, You Answered (SQR Devo)
SQRP Devotional from Psalm 120 -- I called and you answered me.
Leaving Comments and Giving Feedback - It’s the Thing to Do!
One of the best parts of being part of a community like Do Everything In Love, is the ability to interact with others. As social beings created in the image of God, we need each other. We cannot grow as disciples of Jesus Christ without engagement and interaction with other
Sing to the Lord a New Song (SLR Devo)
Sing to the Lord a new song because he has done wonderful things!
New Community (SQR Devo)
A short devotional from Acts 10:44-48.
Sunset on Lombok Island
Made in the image of God to reflect the heart of God in your world.
God’s Perfect Love In Us (SLR Devo)
Being part of a Christian community—a church—is of the utmost importance for growth, development, and maturation in Christ.

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