Which Membership Do I Want?

Which Membership Do I Want?
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I am so thankful for your desire to support Do Everything In Love through your paid membership. You are helping make this endeavor possible while also supporting our family and ministry.

My hope is that most (or all) regular readers have a paid membership, which begin at $3/month or $35/year. Other membership levels are also available with a variety of benefits, including:

Full access to all public articles, stories, and podcasts
Free 6-month memberships for your friends!
  • All paid memberships
  • Give a free six-month Family trial membership to as many people as you like.
    • No obligation to continue their membership after six months
    • No need to give a credit card number to get this free trial.
    • Here is what to do: Tell your friend to go to doeverythinginlove.com and sign up for a free membership. When they enter their name, have them put "(free Family)" in parentheses after their name.
Discount on all books, downloads, photographic art, and more!
Exclusive access to "Steve's Journal"
Free limited-edition photographic artwork
Free downloadable content, signed books, and other special offers
Handwritten correspondence in your inbox or mailbox 
Thank you for going the extra mile to support Do Everything In Love!
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