What do I do with membership fees?

What do I do with membership fees?
Photo by micheile henderson / Unsplash

In the interest of being fully transparent, here is a brief explanation what I do with the membership fees and other Do Everything In Love income I receive.

  • Total 2023 net income from Do Everything In Love memberships = $1283

What do I use this money for? Well, the short answer is that I use this money to pay for life.

To be more specific, I use this money for:

  • School supplies for my daughter
  • Video software to produce video posts
  • A pair of glasses with my new prescription
  • Pay the annual online platform fee.
  • An anniversary dinner with my wife
  • An unexpected car repair

Two of the reasons I moved to this new online platform were:

  1. I am able to keep a greater percentage of membership fees.
  2. I am able to offer a wider range of subscription options, with the hope that all regular readers would be able to subscribe at some level.

Three hopes for the future of Do Everything In Love

  1. Help provide for our needs now, as we are in a time of transition.
  2. Help provide for needs when we begin our new ministry.
  3. Help provide for needs in retirement...if and when that comes down the road.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more.

Please see all of our current subscription discounts and become a Do Everything In Love member. Thank you.