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Mission Possible (Part One)

Our mission as God's people, the church, begins with seeing people, letting our hearts be moved, and then doing something. It begins with slowing down enought to be present, be available, and be accessible.
Mission Possible (Part One)
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Today I'm starting series that will run throughout much of the year -- Mission Possible. I'l be exploring our mission and purpose as God's people, otherwise known as the church.

Mission Possible will be available to all members and open to the public, so please comment, share, and don't hesitate to ask questions or share your own stories and anecdotes.

To begin this series, I want to share with you a link to a mission service presented on March 3, 2024. In it, I share a glimpse into the global mission of my particular church tribe (the Church of the Nazarene). After that, I spend some time focusing on our mission locally—right here, right now, at this time in history.

Our mission as God's people, the church, begins with seeing people, letting our hearts be moved, and then doing something. It starts with slowing down enough to be present, available, and accessible to people in our day-to-day lives.

Click here to view the sermon on YouTube

Here are a few important timing notes and a brief outline:

25:00 – Steve is introduced

27:20 – Steve begins the message with a song and important reminder

  • Jesus loves me, Jesus loves you, and Jesus loves everyone you will ever meet. Jesus died for every one of us while we were still sinners!
  • Our mission:

32:45 – Our global vision is to make disciples (i.e., help people begin walking with Jesus on a grace-filled journey that leads to transformation).

  • Compassion – Reflecting the heart of Jesus to those that Jesus loves.
  • Evangelism – A heart to share Jesus with those that Jesus loves.
  • Education – Preparing God'sGod's people to be sent out to the people that Jesus loves.

42:10 – We live on a mission field, too – right here, right now, at this time in history!

  • Jesus looked out at the crowds, and his heart was moved (Mark 6:34). What happens in our hearts when we see the people around us?
  • There are a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE in our community who aren't going to show up at church on Sunday morning...or any other time!
  • What is our responsibility?
  • What does Christlike love require of me?
  • What does being a sent church mean in our changing culture?

48:01 – Colossians 4:5-6 – Two brief thoughts on some first steps we need to take to live "on mission." As a church, the first step is to become a meaningful presence in your community.

  • What are the real needs of people in your community?
  • Where are people hurting and struggling?
  • How can this church become a meaningful and tangible expression of the love of Christ to people?

51:51 – Second step: begin to see the people around you, let your heart be moved, and then do something (act with Christlike love)

  • There are people in this community with whom you, and only you, have the opportunity to connect meaningfully. They may not be interested in coming to church, but they might sit down and share a coffee with you.
  • Story of a young, single mother and a cab driver (this story is worth listening to...it starts at 53:45)
  • Every single day, each of us finds ourselves in proximity to people...with opportunities to be the presence of Jesus in someone's life.
  • Being present means intentionally making space and time for people. It means slowing down enough to see and hear the people around us and opening our hearts to them. It means being okay with divine interruptions (even when they don't seem particularly divine at the moment) so that we might have the opportunity to be God's presence to them in that moment. Be present…be available…be accessible.
  • You have stories…and people need to hear them.

59:55 – Write down the names of three people

  • Try to think about three people who are not in any meaningful relationship with the Lord and are not likely to show up at church on Sunday. Think about people you know but do not know very well...or would like to get to know. Think about people that God lays on your heart for whatever reason.
  • Begin praying daily for these three people.

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