When your mission is to win at all costs…you have already lost.

Originally posted at the Do Everything In Love Community Facebook page

f you support Trump…you are my friend.
If you support Biden…you are my friend.
If you support any other candidate…you are my friend.
Whatever your political perspective, I can call you friend.
When you present your perspectives and arguments (whether I agree with them or not) with thoughtfulness and integrity, then you have won my respect and my listening ear. And in doing so our friendship grows because we can understand each other better.
But when your communications (whether we agree or not) are filled with unfair, untrue, and unkind words — shallow memes, name-calling, demonization of others, dubious “facts” and more — you are still loved, but you have probably lost some portion of my respect and your words become like white noise in the background.
And for those who claim the name of Christ as part of your identity…when you do such things you have compromised your witness, your testimony, and your opportunity for meaningful dialogue.
When your mission is to win at all costs…you have already lost.


Reaction from Readers

From JB — “Is racism a perspective? I’m not sure that ever wins respect or a listening ear with me. Solid post otherwise, but wondering if there are red line topics?”

          My response to JB — “That’s a good point, Jeremy. Yes, I do suppose that there are some red lines for which it would be very difficult to maintain even a sliver of respect or desire to listen — racism, human trafficking, pedophilia would be a few examples, perhaps. These are not the things I was thinking of as I was writing the post and I’m not sure I would include them in thinking on perspective. When I was thinking of political perspectives I had in mind issues for which there tends to be two or more “valid” political perspectives, thoughts, or ways of approaching certain issues. I’m going to think about this a bit more….thank you for this question and input. It’s important.”

From ASG — “I agree with every word!”

          My response to ASG — “Thanks!”

From JMB –– “Thank you for saying it so well! I have been greatly troubled watching friends who say they are Christians and then show an entirely different “face” on Facebook. It is one thing to speak up or out against things for which you do not agree or try to change social injustices. It is yet another to spread lies, gossip and hatred through memes (probably made in Russia or elsewhere) which divide us as a nation, family and our friends. I was unfriended by a believer because I called them out on it. We had been real friends for thirty years. While it hurts deeply that someone would put political posts and opinions over a friendship, after watching “The Social Dilemma” I totally get how they can be misled and confused in these crazy times and I forgive them for that. ❤

          My response to JMB — “Sorry you had to deal with that situation, but I so appreciate your forgiveness response. It’s not easy….”





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